Editorial Comment: Intention to vote

Maniava villagers after visiting their polling stations Picture: file

Four days away from the 2022 General Election date of December 14, it seems emotions are riding on the shoulders of many voters as they go through the pre-polling process.

Whether it is a yearning for improvements to infrastructure, construction and allocation of school quarters, assistance to construct a bridge, issues on education, or discussions over manifestos, it is encouraging to note that many Fijians are actually making the effort to be part of the voting process.

Now as we look ahead to next Wednesday, there is a sense of ownership in the air.

There appears to be a willingness to cast a ballot. There is a willingness to be part of the process, and to be there during pre-polling!

The challenge continues to be about participation though, and the Fijian voter’s commitment to being part of the decision making process that will culminate with our representatives in Parliament.

Just days away from the official media blackout period, many Fijians will reflect on the years stemming from 2018. They will talk issues and consider many things. Good or bad, they will reflect on them.

On the battle-front, political parties are intensifying their efforts. They are out there firing on all cylinders so to speak. They are conscious of what the masses want.

They will fall back on strategies to woo the voters.

They will target the undecided percentage.

They know what they must do to gain the upper hand.

There are key issues that voters will consider. Unfortunately we have not been able to organise a survey to determine voting intention and election issues this year.

There is, however, a very strong understanding of some of the key issues though.

Whether they relate to poverty, education, employment, and housing, for the voter, this is a period to be aware of what the various parties offer.

It is about embracing the need to understand what the parties plan to do if given the right to govern, and how you fit into their plans.

Ultimately, it is the power of the people that will either vote in candidates, or rule them out of the running altogether.

Power rests with the people, and what we have now is a scenario that has played out at every election.

The key is on how well parties are able to get their message across to the masses, and how the voter responds.

There is a concerted effort to push through “participation”… the effort the voter makes to cast their ballot on Election Day.

They will be banking on the voter’s desire to make that vote count.

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